The Ultimate List: Top 7 DIY Home Decor YouTube Channels

EElliott November 27, 2023 7:01 AM

Are you a DIY enthusiast on the hunt for inspiring channels to follow? If so, you're in the right place! Below is the ultimate list of the Top 7 DIY Home Decor YouTube Channels to spark that interior designer in you!

1. Home Repair Tutor

Home Repair Tutor is a fantastic channel if you're looking to learn DIY home decor. With its practical and easy-to-follow tutorials, it's one of the best DIY home decor YouTube channels out there.

2. Engineer Your Space

Engineer Your Space is the perfect channel for those looking to get creative with their home decor. With a focus on space-saving designs, this channel is a must-follow for small-space dwellers.

3. Home Made Modern

Home Made Modern is a YouTube channel that offers a variety of DIY home decor projects. From modern furniture to unique lighting fixtures, this channel has it all.

4. DIY Creators

DIY Creators is a YouTube channel that focuses on creating high-quality DIY projects. This channel goes beyond just home decor and explores a wide range of DIY projects.

5. House & Home

House & Home is a channel that provides DIY home decor inspiration through home tours, expert advice, and product reviews. It's one of the most popular DIY home decor YouTube channels.

6. Do It On A Dime

Do It On A Dime is a YouTube channel that focuses on budget-friendly DIY home decor. The channel's host, Kathryn, shares her best money-saving tips and DIY projects.

7. The Sorry Girls

The Sorry Girls is a DIY YouTube channel that shares easy, affordable, and stylish DIY home decor projects. Their creative and trendy DIY projects make them a favorite among DIY enthusiasts.

Here's a quick comparison of these channels:

Channel Focus
Home Repair Tutor Practical Tutorials
Engineer Your Space Space-saving designs
Home Made Modern Variety of projects
DIY Creators High-quality projects
House & Home Inspiration and advice
Do It On A Dime Budget-friendly projects
The Sorry Girls Easy and stylish projects

Looking to learn new skills, overhaul your home's decor or find inspiration for your next DIY project? These channels have got you covered. With so many amazing DIY home decor YouTube channels out there, you're sure to find something to ignite your creativity and get your hands dirty. So why wait?

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