Top 5 organic fertilizers for lush home gardens

TTyler September 28, 2023 3:56 PM

You've been spending time in your garden, getting your hands dirty and watching your plants grow. But you might be wondering how to get your garden even more lush and vibrant. The secret? Organic fertilizers.

What are organic fertilizers?

Organic fertilizers are derived from plant, animal, mineral, or other organic sources. They are often packed with nutrients that synthetic fertilizers lack, including microorganisms that can improve soil structure and fertility over time.

Benefits of using organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers have several benefits over their synthetic counterparts. They're eco-friendly, improve soil health, and provide a steady, balanced supply of nutrients. Not to mention, they can make your garden explode with lushness and vibrance.

Here are the top five organic fertilizers for lush home gardens:

  1. Compost: It's a rich source of nutrients and can improve the soil structure. Plus, you can make it at home from kitchen scraps.
  2. Manure: It's high in nitrogen, making it excellent for leafy plants. However, ensure it's well-rotted before you use it.
  3. Bone meal: It's packed with phosphorous, which helps plants develop strong roots.
  4. Blood meal: It's another high-nitrogen fertilizer, ideal for promoting green, leafy growth.
  5. Fish emulsion: It's a good source of nitrogen and other minerals. However, it can smell quite strong, so use it sparingly.

Here's a quick comparison table:

Fertilizer Main Nutrient Best For
Compost Balanced Overall growth
Manure Nitrogen Leafy growth
Bone meal Phosphorous Root development
Blood meal Nitrogen Leafy growth
Fish emulsion Balanced Overall growth

How to use organic fertilizers

You can mix them into your soil before planting, top-dress your plants during the growing season, or make a fertilizer tea for watering. Remember, organic fertilizers release their nutrients slowly, so you won't see a sudden growth spurt. But patience is key - the results are well worth the wait.

To wrap up, using organic fertilizers can significantly improve your garden's health and vibrance. And with the top 5 listed above, you're well on your way to a lush home garden.

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