Top 5 simple DIY projects for absolute beginners

EElliott October 27, 2023 7:02 AM

If you're someone who's looking to get their hands a little dirty and delve into the world of do-it-yourself projects, this is the perfect place to start. Here, we're going to explore the top 5 DIY projects that are not only simple, but are also designed with absolute beginners in mind.

DIY Project 1: Mason Jar Herb Garden

Starting with an easy-to-follow project, the mason jar herb garden is one of the best DIY projects for beginners. It's a fantastic way to keep fresh herbs in your kitchen, and it's also incredibly easy to maintain.

To make this, you'll need mason jars, potting soil, your favorite herbs, and a sunny window. Start by filling the mason jars halfway with soil, plant the herbs, and place them in a sunny window. Water occasionally, and you'll have fresh herbs year-round.

DIY Project 2: Pallet Coffee Table

This is a simple home improvement project that can add a rustic charm to your living room. For this DIY project, you will need a wooden pallet, sandpaper, paint or stain, and a few tools.

First, sand the pallet to smooth out any rough edges. Next, apply your choice of paint or stain and let it dry. Lastly, add a glass top for a polished look. This project is not only affordable but also a great way to upcycle old pallets.

DIY Project 3: Personalized Painted Mugs

Another easy DIY project for beginners is painting your own mugs. All you need are plain white mugs, porcelain paint, a paintbrush, and an oven.

First, wash and dry the mugs. Then, paint your design using the porcelain paint. Let them dry for 24 hours, then bake the mugs in the oven according to the paint’s instructions to set the design.

DIY Project 4: DIY Gallery Wall

A gallery wall is an excellent way to display your favorite photos or artwork. For this project, you'll need frames, photos or artwork, a level, and hanging hooks.

Start by selecting the frames and artwork you want to display. Arrange them on the floor until you're satisfied with the layout. Then, mark the wall where you want to place the hooks, ensuring everything is level. Hang the frames and enjoy your new gallery wall.

DIY Project 5: DIY Bird Feeder

The last of our top 5 DIY projects for beginners is a simple bird feeder. This project is not only easy but also rewarding as you watch the birds come to feed.

For this project, you'll need a tin can, string, bird seed, and a wooden spoon. Clean the can and make two holes on opposite sides at the top. Thread the string through the holes to hang the can. Make another hole near the bottom of the can to insert the spoon, which will act as a perch for the birds. Fill the can with bird seed and hang it outside.

There you have it - our top 5 simple DIY projects that are perfect for absolute beginners. Remember, the key to a successful DIY project is patience, practice, and more importantly, having fun.

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