Top 5 design books for every home enthusiast

EElliott September 25, 2023 7:12 AM

Are you a home enthusiast constantly searching for new ideas and inspirations to make your space more comfortable, stylish, and unique? Or perhaps you're planning a home renovation and need some direction and professional insights. Either way, this article is just for you. We will be walking you through the top 5 design books that every home enthusiast should have on their shelf.

Space planning and Interior Design

1. 'The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals' by Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin

This book is not just about tidying up your space. It's about rethinking and redesigning it. Full of practical tips and inspiring visuals, 'The Home Edit' teaches you how to apply the principles of organizing to every space in your house, resulting in a more functional and visually appealing home.

Color Theory and Application

2. 'The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors' by Anna Starmer

Understanding color and knowing how to use it effectively is crucial in creating a harmonious and well-balanced interior. Anna Starmer's book is an excellent guide, offering tons of color scheme ideas and combinations, along with practical advice on how to apply them in different spaces.

Furniture Design and Placement

3. 'Furniture: A Concise History' by Edward Lucie-Smith

Knowing the history and evolution of furniture can give you a unique perspective when choosing pieces for your home. This book provides a comprehensive overview of furniture design throughout history, from ancient times to modern days.

DIY and Home Improvement

4. 'The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual Newly Updated by Editors of Family Handyman'

For those who prefer getting their hands dirty, this DIY manual is a must-have. It's packed with step-by-step instructions for all kinds of home improvement and repair projects, making it a practical guide for homeowners.

Modern and Vintage Design

5. 'Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details' by Bradley Quinn

Whether you're a fan of modern or vintage design, this book will capture your interest. It delves into the mid-century modern era, showcasing iconic interior designs, furniture, and accessories from that period.

In a nutshell, reading these books will not only provide you with design inspiration but also equip you with the knowledge and skills to transform your home. Happy designing!

Book Author Theme
The Home Edit: A Guide to Organizing and Realizing Your House Goals Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin Space Planning and Interior Design
The Color Scheme Bible: Inspirational Palettes for Designing Home Interiors Anna Starmer Color Theory and Application
Furniture: A Concise History Edward Lucie-Smith Furniture Design and Placement
The Complete Do-it-Yourself Manual Newly Updated Editors of Family Handyman DIY and Home Improvement
Mid-Century Modern: Interiors, Furniture, Design Details Bradley Quinn Modern and Vintage Design

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