The best plants for a DIY vertical garden

EElliott August 25, 2023 6:51 PM

If you're short on space but love the idea of having a garden, a DIY vertical garden is the perfect solution for you. This article will guide you through the selection of the best plants for your vertical garden, offer tips for creating and maintaining your garden, and provide a few inspirational ideas to get you started on your vertical gardening journey.

Choosing the best plants for your vertical garden

When designing your vertical garden, your plant selection is crucial. The best plants for a vertical garden are typically those that grow upwards, have shallow roots, and require similar sun and watering conditions. Here are a few plant suggestions:

  • Herbs: Herbs like basil, parsley, thyme, and mint are excellent choices for a vertical garden. They're easy to grow, require minimal space, and offer the added bonus of fresh herbs for your kitchen.

  • Flowers: Flowers such as petunias, marigolds, and begonias not only add a splash of color to your vertical garden but are also relatively low-maintenance.

  • Vegetables: Many vegetables like lettuce, spinach, and peppers have varieties suitable for vertical gardening. They provide a fresh, homegrown addition to your meals.

  • Ferns and ivies: These plants are natural climbers and can create a lush, green backdrop for your vertical garden.

Creating your DIY vertical garden

Once you've selected your plants, it's time to construct your vertical garden. There are plenty of DIY vertical garden ideas to choose from. You could use a simple pallet or create a more elaborate system with PVC pipes or hanging pots.

No matter your design, make sure to position your garden in a location that suits the sun and water needs of your chosen plants. Additionally, ensure you have a proper drainage system in place to prevent root rot.

Maintaining your vertical garden

Maintaining a vertical garden requires regular watering and feeding, much like a traditional garden. However, due to their vertical nature, these gardens may dry out more quickly and therefore require more frequent watering.

Pruning is also key to maintaining a healthy and attractive vertical garden. Regularly trim back any overgrown or dead foliage to promote new growth.

Vertical garden ideas for small spaces

If you're working with limited space, don't be discouraged. Vertical gardens are perfect for small spaces! Consider creating a vertical herb garden on a sunny kitchen wall, or turn a balcony into a lush oasis with a mix of flowering plants and ferns.

So, why wait? Start your DIY vertical garden project today! With the right plant selection and care, you'll have a beautiful and functional garden that maximizes your space and brings joy to your home.

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