Preserving memories: DIY projects using family photos

EElliott February 18, 2024 7:01 AM

Family photos are like time capsules, capturing our favorite moments and preserving memories that we want to cherish forever. But most often, these precious photos end up in boxes or hard drives, forgotten and unseen. Why not bring them to life and make them a part of your daily life? There are numerous DIY projects using family photos that you can embark on. Not only will these projects make your home cozier and more personalized, they will also serve as a constant reminder of the beautiful moments and the people you love.

DIY projects with family photos

There are a myriad of DIY photo projects you can do at home. The following are some creative ways you can use and display family photos.

  1. Photo Coasters: For this project, you need ceramic tiles, your photos printed to the size of the tiles, mod podge, a brush, and clear acrylic sealer. Simply glue your photo onto the tile using mod podge, seal it with another coat of mod podge and, once dry, spray with the sealer. These make for great conversation starters when guests come over.

  2. Photo Magnets: This is one of the easiest DIY photo projects. Buy some adhesive magnetic strips, stick them on the back of your favorite photos, cut the photos to size, and voila! You have personalized photo magnets for your fridge.

  3. Family Photo Wreath: A photo wreath is a unique and creative way to display your family photos. You can buy a pre-made wreath or make one yourself and simply clip your photos onto it. This can be a great seasonal decoration, especially during the holidays.

  4. DIY Photo Album: While you can easily buy a photo album, creating one yourself adds a personal touch. You can be as creative as you want with the design and decorations.

Crafts using old photos

Old photos have a certain charm that new photos sometimes lack. Here are some ideas on how to repurpose these treasured items.

  1. Photo Collage Wall: Instead of a traditional photo frame or gallery wall, try a photo collage. This gives you the freedom to mix different sizes and styles of photos, as well as include other decorative elements.

  2. Photo Pendants: For this project, you need a pendant tray, a glass cabochon, your photo, and some jewelry glue. Simply cut your photo to the size of the tray, glue it onto the tray, and then glue the cabochon on top of the photo. Now you have a wearable keepsake that you can carry with you always.

  3. Photo Candles: This is a relatively simple project where you attach your photo onto a candle using wax paper and a heat gun.

  4. Family Tree Photo Wall: This can be a fun and creative project, especially if you have many old family photos. Design a family tree on your wall and place the photos in the order of your family lineage.

These are just a few DIY projects using family photos that you can try. Remember, the goal is not perfection but the joy of creating something with your own hands and the ability to preserve those precious memories in a form other than a standard photo album.

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