Making room: Clever ideas for built-in storage

TTyler October 7, 2023 6:01 PM

Are you struggling with limited space or a disorganized home? Built-in storage might be the solution for you. Not only can it help keep your home tidy, it can also enhance its appearance, adding character and value. Let's explore some creative built-in storage ideas that can help you make the most of your space.

Why choose built-in storage?

Built-in storage solutions are often more durable and efficient than freestanding ones. They're integrated into your home, using up otherwise wasted space and creating a seamless look. Whether you're looking for ways to store your books, dishes, clothes, or even a bike, there's a built-in storage solution for you.

Clever built-in storage ideas

Here are some creative built-in storage ideas that can be used in various rooms in your home:

  1. Built-in cabinets: Cabinets aren't just for the kitchen. They can be used in the living room for displaying items or in bedrooms for clothes storage. Consider using the space below your windows or stairs to install cabinets.

  2. Built-in shelves: Shelves can add a lot of storage and display space without taking up much room. They can be added anywhere from hallways to bathrooms.

  3. Built-in storage bench: A storage bench can be a great addition to any room. It provides seating as well as storage space.

  4. Built-in bed storage: Beds can take up a lot of space. Consider a built-in storage bed that combines sleeping space with storage space.

  5. Built-in wall storage: Use your walls to store and display items. This can be particularly useful in small apartments where floor space is limited.

DIY built-in storage projects

For those who love DIY projects, there are plenty of built-in storage projects you can try. Here are a few suggestions:

  • Built-in bookshelves: This is a relatively easy project that can be accomplished with basic woodworking skills. You can customize the bookshelves to fit your space and needs.

  • Built-in storage bench: This is a bit more complex, but still doable. It requires some carpentry skills, but the result is a functional and beautiful piece of furniture.

  • Built-in closet system: This project requires some planning and a bit of construction knowledge, but it's a great way to create a customized storage solution for your clothes.

Remember, safety should always be your first priority when undertaking any DIY projects. Always use the proper tools and protective gear.

The beauty of built-in storage solutions is that they can be customized to suit any space, need, or budget. Whether you decide to hire a professional or try a DIY project, built-in storage can transform your home into a more organized and comfortable space.

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