How to choose the best outdoor furniture for your climate

EElliott February 4, 2024 7:01 AM

Choosing the right outdoor furniture for your climate can be a game-changer for your outdoor space. Not only does it make a significant difference in the lifespan of your furniture, but it also influences comfort and the overall aesthetics of your outdoor setup.

There are several factors to consider, including temperature fluctuations, humidity levels, frequency of rain, and the intensity of sunlight. We will break down these factors and offer valuable advice on what to look for in outdoor furniture based on various climates.

Understanding your local climate

Before you even start shopping, it's crucial to understand the climate in your area. Are your summers hot and dry, or hot and humid? What about your winters – are they mild or harsh? Do you live in a windy area or an area that gets a lot of rain? All of these factors will influence the kind of furniture that will work best for your outdoor space.

Choosing the right material

Different materials respond differently to various weather conditions. Here are some common materials used in outdoor furniture and their respective susceptibility to different climates:

Material Hot & Dry Hot & Humid Cold Windy
Metal Good Poor (unless treated for rust) Good Excellent
Wood Fair (requires maintenance) Fair (requires maintenance) Good Good
Plastic Fair (may fade and become brittle) Good Poor (may crack) Fair
Fabric Poor (unless UV-resistant) Fair (if mold-resistant) Poor (unless weather-resistant) Fair

Picking furniture for hot climates

In hot climates, especially those that are dry, metal furniture is a good choice as it doesn't hold heat like plastic and isn't susceptible to UV damage. However, it might get hot to touch during scorching summer days. If you live in a humid area, choose materials that resist moisture and mildew like teak wood or all-weather wicker.

Choosing furniture for cold climates

For colder climates, consider furniture made of heavier materials that can withstand snow and wind. Teak, eucalyptus, and other hardwoods work well. Ensure that any fabric components are weather-resistant and can cope with the severe weather changes.

Furniture for humid climates

If you live in a humid area, choose materials that resist moisture and mildew. Consider furniture with quick-drying fabric and avoid metal that can rust unless it's treated or a rust-resistant variety.

Maintenance matters

Regardless of the climate, maintenance is key to prolong the life of your outdoor furniture. Regular cleaning, using furniture covers, and storing cushions indoors when not in use can help maintain your furniture's look and longevity.

The best outdoor furniture brands for different climates

While there are many great outdoor furniture brands out there, some excel in certain climates. For example, Frontgate offers excellent weather-resistant options, and Teak Warehouse is known for its durable hardwood furniture. For areas with intense sunlight, Tropitone's UV-resistant pieces are a hit. Always prioritize quality over price, as higher quality pieces tend to last longer, especially in harsh climates.

Making the right choice of outdoor furniture for your climate can enhance your outdoor experience and help you create a comfortable and inviting outdoor space that stands the test of time and weather.

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