Discovering the world of wallpaper: Types, techniques, and trends

EElliott September 6, 2023 5:56 PM

Wallpaper has indeed come a long way since its blooming popularity in the 18th and 19th centuries. Gone are the days when wallpaper was merely an afterthought in home decoration. In the present day, it holds a prominent place in interior design, providing an immediate way to inject style, color, and personality into any space. From giving a room a dramatic makeover to creating a delicate backdrop, the possibilities with wallpaper are truly endless.

Types of wallpaper

There's a mind-boggling variety of wallpaper types available today, each with its specific features and uses. Here's a brief rundown of some of the most popular types:

  • Vinyl Wallpaper: Known for its durability and ease of cleaning, vinyl wallpaper is an excellent choice for high-traffic areas and bathrooms.

  • Non-Woven Wallpaper: Made from a blend of synthetic and natural fibers, non-woven wallpapers are breathable, washable, and easy to remove.

  • Textured Wallpaper: These wallpapers add a touch of depth and dimension to walls, hiding minor wall imperfections. Perfect for adding interest to a minimalist interior.

  • Removable Wallpaper: Also known as peel-and-stick wallpaper, this is a great solution for those who love to regularly change their decor or renters who can't make permanent changes.

Wallpaper hanging techniques

Hanging wallpaper can be a DIY project if you know the right techniques. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

  1. Wall Preparation: The wall should be clean, smooth, and dry before applying wallpaper for a seamless finish.

  2. Measuring and Cutting: Measure the wall accurately and add an extra few inches to the wallpaper length to allow for pattern matching and trimming.

  3. Applying Adhesive: Depending on the type of wallpaper, you'll either apply the adhesive to the back of the wallpaper or directly to the wall.

  4. Hanging and Smoothing: Apply the wallpaper from the top, smoothing out any bubbles as you go along.

  5. Trimming: Use a straight edge and a sharp utility knife to trim any excess wallpaper at the top and bottom.

Wallpaper trends

Now, let's delve into the exciting part - the trends! Wallpaper design has certainly evolved, offering a plethora of unique styles, patterns, and colors. Here are some of the notable wallpaper trends:

  • Botanical Prints: Inspired by nature, wallpapers with leaves, flowers, and tropical themes are in vogue.

  • Geometric Patterns: These designs are perfect for adding a contemporary touch to your space.

  • Metallic Hues: Wallpapers with metallic hues add a luxurious and opulent feel to any room.

  • Bold Colors: Bold and vibrant colors are making a comeback, giving rooms a lively and energetic vibe.

The world of wallpaper is vast and inspiring. With the right choice of type, the application of good techniques, and tapping into the trendiest designs, you can transform your living space into a visually pleasing aesthetic that reflects your personality and style.

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