Brighten up: 5 DIY ideas for enhanced natural lighting

TTyler September 13, 2023 7:02 AM

Want to add a dash of sunshine to your living spaces? Natural lighting can dramatically transform the ambiance of your home. Not only does it make your spaces look bigger and more inviting, but it also helps in reducing energy costs. Here are five DIY projects that you can undertake to maximize the natural light in your home.

1. Use lighter color schemes

Lighter colors reflect light better than dark ones. Consider painting your walls, ceilings, and floors in light shades, especially white. This will help to bounce the light around the room, giving the illusion of a brighter and more spacious interior.

2. Install mirrors strategically

Mirrors can act as light multipliers in your home. When positioned correctly, they can reflect light into dark corners, making the room brighter. You can hang a large mirror directly across from a window, or use mirror tiles for a more subtle effect.

3. Opt for light-filtering window treatments

Heavy drapes can block a significant amount of natural light. Swap them for light-filtering blinds or sheer curtains. These options allow more light to enter while still providing privacy.

4. Add more windows

This might require a bit more effort and investment, but it can make a huge difference in the amount of light your home receives. Consider adding skylights or solar tubes, especially in rooms that lack windows.

5. Trim outdoor foliage

Overgrown trees or shrubs can block sunlight from entering your home. Regularly trimming your outdoor foliage will ensure that nothing obstructs the natural light.

To sum it all up, here are the five steps you can take to enhance the natural lighting in your home:

Step DIY Idea
1 Use lighter color schemes
2 Install mirrors strategically
3 Opt for light-filtering window treatments
4 Add more windows
5 Trim outdoor foliage

These DIY ideas not only brighten your home but also bring about a positive change in your mood and productivity levels.

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