5 amazing wall art ideas that aren't paintings

TTyler December 19, 2023 7:02 AM

Are your walls looking a little bare? Maybe you've been staring at the same old paintings for years and are ready for a change. If you're tired of traditional wall art and are looking for something a little different, you're in the right place. This article will explore five amazing wall art ideas that aren't paintings.

Functional wall art

Why not make your wall art work for you? Functional wall art serves a purpose beyond just looking beautiful. It could be something as simple as a stylish wall clock or as elaborate as a built-in bookshelf. A wall-mounted wine rack can serve as both a handy storage solution and a statement piece. Or consider a beautiful mirror—it can make a room look larger, and there are countless styles to choose from.

Unexpected materials

When you think of wall art, you probably think of canvas. But there are so many other materials you can use. How about a metal wall sculpture or a piece made from repurposed wood? You could even make your own artwork out of washi tape. The possibilities are endless when you start to think outside of the box.

Textile art

Textile art is a great way to add texture to your walls. Think of tapestries, macrame wall hangings, or even a beautiful quilt. These pieces can add a cozy touch to any room and are a great alternative to traditional paintings.

3D wall art

If you want to make a real statement, consider 3D wall art. This can be anything from a sculptural piece to a mural painted on multiple levels of a wall. Or consider wall decals—they come in countless designs and can add a pop of color and character to any space.

DIY wall art projects

If you love getting your hands dirty, why not create your own wall art? This could be a fun weekend project and a great way to express your personal style. You can use just about anything you have around the house—old newspapers, fabric scraps, or even an old window frame. The only limit is your imagination.

Type of Wall Art Materials Needed Pros Cons
Functional Wall Art Depends on piece (e.g., wood for bookshelf, glass for mirror) Dual purpose, customizable Can be expensive/time-consuming to install
Unexpected Materials Depends on materials chosen Unique, creative May require special installation
Textile Art Fabric, thread, other textile materials Adds warmth and texture May require cleaning, could fade with sunlight
3D Wall Art Depends on design (e.g., wood for sculptures, vinyl for decals) Makes a statement, adds depth Could be expensive, requires more space
DIY Wall Art Depends on project Personal, potentially cost-effective Time-consuming, results may vary

Remember, the most important thing when choosing wall art is that it speaks to you. Don't be afraid to be bold and try something new.

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